Warranty Forever

Sprad’s RV has been selected to be the  exclusive Northern Nevada Warranty Forever RV dealer.  This incredible program has it roots from the car industry.  After many years of research, RV Warranty Forever has created a great program to protect RV owner’s investment. 


All new RV’s purchased from Sprad’s RV starting January 1st 2014 will have this amazing benefit.  The Warranty Forever is at NO additional cost to the owners.  The Warranty Forever program protects your RV with coverage of potential repair items such as refrigerator, AC, and hot water heater just to name a few.  Click here for a full list of what is covered by Warranty Forever. 
After months of research and discussions with Warranty Forever, we  are convinced that Warranty Forever is a benefit we want to offer our customers. 
We will do our best to answers many of the questions you may have and provide you with the resources for you to research Warranty Forever for yourself.


Q & A

Q – Are you just raising the price of my RV for this warranty?
 A – No, we are not.  We do not spend money on TV or radio advertising like other dealerships.  Instead we have chosen to spend money on a warranty program for your RV.  A dealership spending say $10,000 a month on TV advertising is going to add that expense to each RV they sell.  And you, the customer, gets nothing out of that.  We are putting those dollars into your  RV Warranty Forever.  And we encourage you to compare our pricing to any other dealer around.  So, long story short – we would rather give our customer Warranty Forever and rely on word of mouth from your amazing customer service experience with Sprad's RV instead of throwing tens of thousands of dollars at advertising which gets our customers nothing.


Q:  I see that I have to have an annual inspection & maintenance on my RV.  How much will this cost?
A:  Yes, Warranty Forever requires you to have basic annual maintenance.  This is maintenance that you should do regardless if you have Warranty Forever or not.  Sprad’s RV will offer the Warranty Forever Inspection & Maintenance for $199.00.  In addition to the maintenance items required by Warranty Forever Sprad’s RV offers additional services to ensure your next camping trip is enjoyable.  Click here for details.
Q:  Does I have to take my RV to Sprad’s for the annual inspection & maintenance?
A: No.  Any reputable  RV  repair facility can do the inspection and maintenance.  Note that you will be required to have the inspection card completed and mailed to the warranty company. 
Q:  I don’t like warranties and don’t want to use Warranty Forever.
A:  We understand that not everyone will want to take advantage of the Warranty Forever program.  You are under no obligation to do so.  Just don't bring your unit in for the annual maintenance and you will be removed from the program.

Q:  What about traditional extend service contracts? 
A:  Sprad’s RV has a special extended service contracts designed to compliment Warranty Forever.  We call this the "wrap around service contract".  The extended service contract will work in conjunction with Warranty Forever and cover additional items not included with the Warranty Forever program.  The items include components such as Slideouts, Leveling system, TV’s, stereo and many more.  Click here for a more detailed list for the wrap around extended warranty program.  The best news is because your unit already has Warranty Forever, we can offer you the wrap around extended contract at a smaller cost than a traditional RV service contract.