Sprads RV Expansion Explosion

Sprad's RV has expanded to service our customers better.  To celebrate we are having a HUGE PARTY AND SALES EVENT!


Sprads RV will have an Expansion Explosion Celebration for one day and one day only.  HUGE savings on all of our RV's.


Gifts, free Kinders BBQ and prizes will all be in hand.  If you are a Sprad's customer come and see our new facility.  If you are looking to purchase an RV DO NOT MISS THIS SATURDAY MAY 31st EVENT


Starting Tuesday May 27th all RV's will be reduced for the Expansion Explosion Party and Sales event.


ACES baseball tickets, The Eldorado Dance Inferno Show tickets and many more prizes will be given away.  Dance Inferno Show dances will be at the Dealership on Saturday.


Face painting for the kids, HUGE Savings, Parts Sale Bonanza - you will not want to miss this exciting event.